DuraBrite products feature a unique bulb layout designed to minimize shadows and light gaps. Each Mini luminaire consists of 21 bulbs, while each Pro and Standard luminaire features 63, all working in unison to create a single exceptionally uniform light beam – an important safety feature for superior visibility.

Our lights run cool, but more importantly they display a consistent uniformity of temperature among all LED bulbs, never reaching more than a 10°C difference between the hottest and coolest bulb. To achieve this, all of our lights are thermally imaged, and each image is closely examined to ensure it passes our strict temperature homogeneity requirements. This guarantees a uniform brightness for each luminaire.

In the rare event that a chip should burn out; the rest will continue to illuminate with reliable performance. This winning combination of innovative technology, cutting-edge materials and our thorough attention to detail, results in a superior product, every tim

16,670 raw lumens

§ Smooth dimming technology

§ Shock and vibration proof

§ Ruggedized and lightweight

§ IP65 waterjet resistant

§ 8 hrs battery life*

§ Integrated battery meter

§ Toggle switch for instant max optical output

§ 5 year limited warranty

Available Customized Options

§ Highly resistant ceramic coated exterior

§ Bulletproof front glass

§ Strobing function

§ Custom handle design

Light Shaping Technology

DuraBrite’s light shaping diffuser changes the beam angle on the spot from 20 degrees to 76 degrees on the flood using the world’s most advanced material-science and physics-based technology.  In addition, as LED chip manufacturing has matured in recent years, we’ve identified industry trends of using just a few large LED chips to attain the same overall optical output at substantially reduced costs and with inferior optics. 

DuraBrite didn’t just follow this trend. We instead used 63 LED chips with a precisely engineered collimator and a light shaping diffuser to create a concise, reliable and uniform beam projection.  

Our commitment to science and technology is a key component of our innovative, high-efficiency product line, which transcends normal light into the world-renowned DuraBrite. 

 Manufacturing in China with the same use the same material and technology by DuraBrite to really save market budget. As all knows Over the years,  China is the World’s Manufacturing Superpower with very hard staff working and, With the development of automation, more and more Chinese factories are also used in fully automated production to achieve high capacity of production and higher quality.

MP LED lights by DuraBrite are usually known for their relatively long lifetime, and the Shangyuan strip lights are no exception. With this LED product, you can expect a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours. It also has a flux of 120 lumens and compatibility with 12V-DC.

 It is compatible with all 12V/24V vehicles including boats, SUVs, trucks, trailers, sand bars, and many more.


MP Eagle Will keep on supplying defined market segments with preferred lighting solution.we will create a comfortable and comfortable light environment free from pollution for all those who work in harsh environments.

To be a leader in the hazardous environment industry, providing innovative, reliable and high quality illumination products and services for global safety solution needs.